Monday, June 4, 2012


I LOVE B1A4,  I love them, I love their debut flop "Beautiful Target"I love it! Now they want to go to Japan and conquer the rising sun country, and I hope they do. BT is such a cute song, yet, not too cute that you can still count them as "men" and not bubbly "boys" Now they have dropped the official music video for the song and I am in love. The original MV was really cute and adorable but the Japanese version... it's melt worth!

The theme of the single is more preeminent in this version, it's more about rockets and science, and stuff. it's really cute!!! it's sooooooo fucking cute!!! The blonde guy is sooooooo cute! OMG THIS VIDEO IS SO CUTE!!!! It's just CUTE! That's all I can say about the video!

I love Japanese version, because honestly, Japanese is catchier than Korean, but, JPOP is horrible, their sound is horrendous, so I am in love when KPOP artists when they do Japanese versions. Anyway, the video is adorable, there's these random hats, these random costumes and they all act so fucking cute! Their English is still just as horrible and I love it, I'm not here for English lyrics, I'm here for horrible English lyrics. I love it when they can't sing English, I seriously love it! The song itself is so much better in Japanese and so much easier to sing along to. On top of it all, the choreo is so flawless, so flawless. 

One of the things I love the most is the fact they didn't overdo the auto-tune. I would say it's just as much as the original version, and I love it! I loved the Korean version, so you know I adore this one!

@1:34 the cutest thing happens, just watch the video and tell me how melted you are.

Oh my beautiful target, you zoom zoom my heart like a rocket!!! I want this in me now, and I want the B-Side and the Instrumental NOW!

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