Sunday, June 17, 2012


I fucking hate Eva Simons, fucking hate her! She's been trying to so long, so fucking long, and nothing really has happened but the bitch has released some of the best fucking songs I've heard in my miserable life, songs that would be massive hits if someone else (Rihanna) was singing them. 

There's no flaws in this single. It's pure perfection! The dubstep is massive and flawless! The lyrics, I have no idea I'm kinda hypnotized when I hear this song. 

For the love of God, someone please make her relevant so I don't feel bad that Rihanna isn't making these gems pop classics!

I still don't know what the fuck "Renegade" means, I thought she'd explain it to me in the song. Must be a Dutch word... 

PS - I know I posted the official music video, I just don't wanna blog about it.

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