Monday, June 11, 2012


Bieber ain't messing around with this new album. Homegirl is kicking everyone's floppy asses. First with his joint-deforming "Boyfriend" and now a 2 min snippet of the hottest collab since Michael Jackson and Madonna just leaked. The beat is seriously on fire, it's very top 40 without sounding too generic and boring and I AM A BELIEBER!! There, I said it. I Bieber I Believe (IBIB for short)

The lyrics are kind of silly, but it's JB and I'm a Belieber now so idgaf! Anyway, back to the beat, it's seriously sick, the breakdown is slaying me so much! I really wanna have a bottle of Rum right now so I can shake my booty to this joint. This is obviously a looped snippet and Nicki's verse is missing but judging by the snippet, Nicki's verse is gonna be magical. 

I can picture her saying "Bieber Bieber, who's Bieber rocking? Two years ago I wrote this v-verse, wait wait why am I using that verse, you can suck a dick or you can suck on a ball sack, no no, I ain't rehashing, pause that, write that!"  The final lyrics are even better!!!

Yep, I know you didn't know this but I am Nicki Minaj's secret, unknown, ghost rider, there, I'm the real Romab, I admit! Now when this song premieres I'mma need you all to go buy it on iTunes because homegirl (me) over here ran out of food stamps and I need me some of that 1% they're giving me for writing Nicki's bit. So again, let me say this, buy it when it comes out, I better not catch you listening to the bit I wrote Nicki illegally... you do not wanna make homegirl (me) mad!

The bitch that leaked this song was sneaky enough to not allow anyone to embed, extract or anything so y'all are gonna have to click here to listen to this pop gem.

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