Saturday, June 9, 2012


I didn't like F(X) in the beginning. I saw them as 2NE1 wannabes, but when they released "Pinocchio" I was like, who are they? I need them in my life, now! And so I began to like them. Now they've released their comeback single / EP "Electric Shock" and let me tell you, it's fucking amazing! It's definitely their best work thus far, and it finally sets them apart from the other KPOP groups. Here's what I think of the tracks.

"Electric Shock" is a very fun song, it has an amazing intro, very electric. The instrumental of the song sounds like something SHINee rejected, therefore I love it. The build-up from the pre-chorus to chorus is fucking flawless! I really hope they give Amber a good rap this time because the one in Pinochio was kind of stupid.

"Jet" also has a quirky intro, very similar to "Electric Shock", actually the songs kinda sound similar but that's to be expected, SM doesn't work with different producers. "Jet" is a bit flirty though, actually very flirty and cute. I like when they say "JET!"

"Zig Zag" reminds me of "I'm A Slave 4 U" by Britney. The intro has that sound to it, the bells, etc. It's a really good track though.

"Beautiful Stranger" has a long, suspenseful intro with a  massive build up that leads to a very boring rap by Amber. It's so sad when they waste good beats on useless raps. 

"Love Hate" is one of the most different songs in the EP. Its really weird, that's the only way I can describe it. It definitely is original, I've never heard anything like it. I like the song though, the chorus is all campy with "I love you, I hate you!" chants, very cute!

"Let's Try" is their attempt at a ballad, it's not what I'm here for so I skipped. Maybe I'll listen next time I'm heartbroken. 

Over all the EP is solid, it's very fresh, very cute and flirty. I love it. I'm gonna keep "Let's Try" for a night I'm drunk and need some "alone" time lol!

Here's a sampler of the EP! And check back soon for the music video!

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