Sunday, June 3, 2012


After the slow and steady hit single "I Love You Like A Love Song", but sadly (as of yet) "Hit The Lights" hasn't met the same love. So they have gone ahead and chosen the fourth single and it's "My Dilemma." That song has been one of my favez since the album came out so... I am ready!

"My Dilemma" is different from the other songs in the sense it's a bit slower and it's not as repetitive, also it's about a bad boy, unlike the previous singles. I love the faux-rock feel it has while still being Top 40. Like I said, I've been in love with this song so I'm happy. I also think this is one of the few songs she's able to pull off completely live. 

"You eyes have told a thousand lies but I believe them when they look in mine" is probably my favorite lyric from the song. It's so good! 

This is also great news because Hollywood Records artists never get second singles (which she got), third singles are unheard of (which she got) and fourth singles have never even occurred yet, can your flop?

There's no YouTube clip that has the actual audio, sorry, y'all are gonna have to go buy it on iTunes!


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Jesse McCartney actually got four singles from his Departure album.. but he had a re-release. She's the first artist to get four singles from the album alone. This song is good, but hopefully the remix is hotter!