Friday, June 8, 2012


The album is doing rather well in Japan as of now, reaching #2 in the Daily Album Charts so I wouldn't be surprised if the girls release another promo single before the end of the summer to stimulate more sales! I've been all over T-Ara's Japanese Album "Jewelry Box" I simply love it! It's composed of the best songs T-Ara has released so far and an addition of two new pop gems. Unlike "Keep Out", "T-Aratic Magic Music" is fun, lovely, catchy as fuck, and a lot of sass! I mean "T-Aratic Magic Music", best song title of the century to be honest! It's probably the most fun song they've released so far and I need a music video for it! 

Going back to Eunjung being the lead, it's funny how this is supposed to be Soyeon's time to lead...expect it's Hyomin and Eunjung leading the vocals for the Japanese album. The only song where Soyeon is truly the lead, didn't even become a single. Qri leading the fan favorite votes in Japan with her cute, natural, never-been-plastic, face, emphasizing who the true Queen of these 7 girls is!

Queen Qri gets only two lines in the song "Baby okina koe, Baby sakende mite" it obviously is the best bit of the song. However someone who gets even less lyrics is Boram, homegirl gets none, nada. It ain't looking so good for you Boram, better find your vocal chords auto-tune before you get replaced. 

The lyrics are so fun "Say it now, T-Aratic (Magic)! T-Aratic!" Also the "oooh"s are slaying me like no one has before. 

I'm in the process of learning the lyrics. I got the "Wow wow wow wow wow" part down! Next step, the rest of the song!

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