Wednesday, June 6, 2012


God$ha knows she can't keep us waiting for too long, so she asked Mr. Dr. Luke to leak a snippet of one of the songs they've been working for the last couple of months. Apparently the song is about having sex with ghosts... I guess she broke up with the aliens (Aliens Invading reference, do your homework!) I am not exaggerating when I say your favez have never done this before and she has truly reinvented pop...and dubstep!

The song sounds so creepy, the vocals are very shouty and kind of like a cry for help but in a "don't leave me" kind of way, she sings "When you take my body to the (insert word I can't understand here), I believe it, boy this love is supernatural, can you feel it?" BEST LYRICS EVER WRITTEN!!! Someone give this woman a Grammy already, BEST SINGLE, BEST LYRICS, BEST DANCE RECORD, BEST EVERYTHING, no need to make the other flops feel bad, but please someone grab them a tissue, cuz Ke$ha just murdered their chances at being relevant again!

The response has been very positive so far with fans asking for this to be the first single, which it'll probably be. And you already know I am replaying the shit outta this snippet!

God$ha aka Ke$hus Chri$$$t aka Holy Ke$hpirit thanks you for your time and all your favez weaves will be donated to charity.

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Anonymous said...

"When you take my body to the stars, I believe it, boy this love is supernatural. Can you feel it?"