Tuesday, June 5, 2012


*Please ignore the corny blog post title, the single is actually called "Mr. Bang Bang" - I wanted to be a little punny ^.^*

After the blatant "Roly Poly" rip off they release for their previous single, I was honestly beginning to lose hope in them but they learned their lesson and are leaving T-Ara to do T-Ara. DAL*SHABET now are switching it up for a sweeter sound with a violent yet funny music video. 
The music video is set as a bank robbery. The six girls walk around, strutting their cowboy boots and their cute little guns, acting all gangsta. And then one of the girls lifts her hand and shoots up in the air, it's really funny because the other members fall to the ground being all scared. Anyway, then they start doing their choreography, which is really cute, as they mime along looking all sorts of fierce. Towards the end they just start throwing all the money...it's weird but I love it.

The song is really catchy, unlike their previous single. I can't wait for their comeback stage, they're gonna slay ya favez!

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