Thursday, December 27, 2012


When you first hear the title for U-KISS's new amazing single "Gangstar Boy", you might get a little confused. No it's not about the star of a gang group named Boy. No, that would be too predictable. It's about a cute boy singing cute lyrics to this cute girl over fun and funky synths and auto-tune to kill ya favez career.

There's a cute breakdown that sounds like it could be from Mario Brothers, until it turns to some Skrillex shit, so I'm assuming Skrillex is coming out with his Mario Brothers Remix disc. I'd buy it to be honest.

If I'm frank though, Skrillex wasn't associated in this masterpiece. The song is a rollercoa-star, it builds up, it crashes down and it spins you like a merry go around. The last bit of the song is them going "Na na na na na na na na na na" for like 20 minutes and you know what? It's flaw-less. 

All they need is a super fun, super cute little video that goes viral and they take over Psy's overdue 15 minutes.

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