Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I've never been a huge fan of Girls Generation. In fact, I used to really dislike their style until they released "The Boys". My main problem with the Divine Nine is that they are too cute and clean and bubbly. Starting with Gee and ending with Taxi, all of their previous hits have been a little too sugary for me and my Dr. said I should avoid sugar unless I wanna get diabetes. 

When they released "The Boys" I was pleasantly surprised, it was a huge move for them, they ditched the cute look for a more sexy and mature look and sound. So when I saw the video for their comeback single "I Got A Boy" I was not shocked at all, in fact, I could predict their song was gonna be a little more k-hip-hop. What I wasn't expecting was that SM would sacrifice five different instrumentals to make up the final track.

To note, also, it's kind of predictable of SM to release a five-instrumental mash-up when they just released SHINee's "Sherlock (Clue + Note)" But in KPop fashion, it's never a repeat if you do it bigger, better and with cute girls.

The song starts with a really long intro, and I mean, really long but it's hot as fuck. The girl who starts off has the tiniest waist I have ever seen in a woman. Seriously, as I was listening to the song all I could stare at was her tiny as fuck waist, damn, I need to get tips from her. 

Then they decide to skip to beat #2 which is a little bit cuter than the rest but nonetheless flawless. This part has me going though because it starts off with "Let me introduce myself, here comes trouble" Thank you for introducing yourself, but who are you? Because the second half of that line states trouble is coming but you still didn't tell me who you were!!!! This must be answered. Besides the biggest question of 2013, the girls also do their best impersonation of 2NE1, and may I say, maybe because there's nine of them, but shit looks hot as fuck. The styling is very 2NE1 the "oh oh eh" is very 2NE1 and the faux CL rap is flawless.

Don't get too confrotable though because that bit only lasts about 10 seconds until they head of the beat #3 or as I call it CRUNK MODE BITCHES. That bit has more swag than a stadium full of bitches in Gucci. The beat is addicting and the girl with that teal / blonde hair has an open invitation to let me have her babies. She is by far my favorite because she's so tiny but she's so fierce. Let me birth your kids!!!! 

The song then goes back to beat #2 because what's a good KPop song without a lot little of repetition?! Then out of nowhere this bitch goes "Hey yo stop, let me put it another way" and bamn beat #4 is coming at you faster than a cum shot on a straight porn video cassette. This is what I call, ADORABLE DUBSTEP. The beat is phat and the dub steps are harder than a giant on the land of midgets. It's fun and cute but the hook is weak. This is the only flaw in the song, sadly, it's the part where they sing the title of the song. it's just not doing it for me. "I got a boy meecheel" is what that sounds like and that is not what I'm here for. 

The faux CL raps are really doing it for me during this part though and my teal girl switched wigs (because you obviously can't repeat wigs in the same video, who are you?) 

And finally, the fifth and hopefully last instrumental comes in, uninvited, unannounced and ready to shake up your world. This part is really hard to describe but all I see is smiles. Thankfully this is a brief cameo because then it goes back to ADORABLE DUBSTEP. 

Oh wait, I lied, there is a 6th beat. It's this faux-rock breakdown with them wearing some weird ass wigs. Again, you can't repeat wigs like you repeat hooks, take notes bitches.

Now don't get me wrong, I would not spend all this time breaking this beats down one by one if I didn't fucking adore this damn piece of hot mess. This is the riskiest move GG has ever made and for me, it paid off. This is what it did for me

A. Showed me they have some ghetto in there
B. Showed me someone else besides 2NE1 can be "hood" 
C. Showed me the smallest waist I've ever seen
D. Gave me an excuse to stan for GG.

Some GG fans are throwing some major fits over at All KPop and you know what I say to them? Shut the fuck up and enjoy this dysfunctional song because it'll be overplayed in South Korea more than the national anthem during Independence Day and this shit will get carved into your brain so give up now so we can make fun of the ones that are gonna suffer.

Buy "I Got A Boy"!!!

Also, happy new years my bitches!! Thank you for reading my crazy ass blog. You cute bitches be cute!

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