Friday, December 21, 2012


If you're one of the hundreds of people that read my introduction post about BAKER, then, you should probably know that he just released his new single "If U Love Me" The song is a nice piece of club anthem. BAKER begs "if u love me, let me hear you say it" and the synths are going nuts and the drums are like boom, and you're fist pumping like you're not writing this blog post on your bed, in your room. 

"If U Love Me" is his catchiest song to date. The chorus borrows a bit from SIA's magical-four sentence-repeat-chorus book. BAKER is definitely looking at what's hot and catchy right now because he chose the best line ever! Who hasn't been through that? Not knowing if someone loves you and you're just begging inside your head that he/she says it to you. It's like coming back to the party you weren't invited to. So sad! 

But the amazing thing is that the beat is so fucking sick! Seriously, whoever produced this needs to get some major BJs tonight because this beat is fucking hot! The build-up is flawless and the climax, ooooooh! 

The music video is quite simple for a good two or so minutes. It's just BAKER on the beach, holding some weird blue boombox, looking a hot sexy piece of meat. Why is this man so damn good looking? It's no fair! When he gets to the club and starts chugging a beer, looking hot as a mofo. No fair. 

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