Thursday, December 13, 2012


Thank to the flawless lyrics written by the pop/country songstress; "IKYWT" has been selling pretty well in digital music stores as well as gaining radio play in huge amounts. "IKYWT" sees Taylor taking the brave route, she admits she's stupid and that she likes bad guys and that it's her damn fault when they break her achey breaky heart. 

The music video tries really hard to get you to believe their love is true. With many shots of them being cute and hugging each other and kissing and Taylor spreading her legs while he plays the guitar; it's fucking insane. The video fails at actually making you like him because he's a total douchebag. The scene at the bar when he touches one of the billiard balls just to fuck with the guy; seriously? That's not even gangster. So when he other guy and his gang started beating the shit out of him, I was glad 'cause mofo needs to learn.

At least this video has an actual plot, although, it's not a great one. The video never really goes there. It's like stuck in the middle. It's probably a video Miley Cyrus would have released before "Can't Be Tamed" or Britney before "I'm a Slave 4 U". It's racey but not raunchy; it's flirty but not slutty. Ain't nobody got time for that.

Taylor, next video, please get one of Britney's old directors.

Sorry for the MQ video; it's all that's online as of right now.

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