Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Taylor usually gets it right; and I say usually now because "Kill Me" is a messy ass track. The guitar is too loud, her vocals are too soft and the lyrics, what is this fuckery!?

And all the lost souls say
Every day I wake up
Every day I wake up alone
(Kill me just kill me)
Oh, get me out of the sun
Every day I wake up
Every Day I wake up Alone
(Kill me just kill me)
Someone get me out of sun 

Those lyrics are real. Taylor is usually very repetitive but seriously, this is barely a chorus, this is barely a fucking line! This is not pop music you're writing Taylor, you can't do this honeyboo.

Listen to "Kill Me"

The song of course has very sexual frustrations hidden in there and I do applaud the writing for the verses but Taylor needs to focus on her choruses because they are lacking right now.

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