Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Union J was part of the 3455th season of the XFactor UK. They were sadly eliminated recently but that doesn't stop the critics and the girls as they label them the next One Direction. Union J is composed of the original Triple J (whom didn't make the cut) so the producers added a 4th member and the rest is history. They are JJ, Jaymi, Josh and George. I don't know why they're called Union J instead of 3J1G (B1A4 reference, google it) but what do I know?

The group, they're a group because George can play the guitar, so therefore they're a group and not a boy band. The four guys are cute, they sing well and they look well together. They performed for 9 weeks on the XFactor, improving week by week, showcasing some serious talent. Now my only problem is that JJ and George never sing... mainly JJ, he never sings. Sometimes they throw a line at George here and there but it's usually Jaymi (God, horrible spelling) and Josh singing the tunes which would be fine if George and JJ didn't actually sing well; which isn't the case.

George is the cutest thing since cute things happened. George can play the guitar, the has the cheek bones of a super model and hair that would make Justin Bieber and that guy from 1D a run for their weaves, he's my Nicola of Girls Aloud, my Dara of 2NE1, my Hyuna of 4Minute . But for some reason their mentor (Mr. Walsh) fucked up and didn't give them any solo lines. I don't get that. Walsh already fucked up with Girls Aloud in their early stages before GA said bye bye to him and got someone better that gave the girls relatively the same amount of solo lines.

I really hope that Union J get a good manager who lets them all sing because as good as Jaymi is, we don't need another Nadine up in this bitch. Also, their manager should tell Jaymi to stop over singing, it's not cute and he's not Mariah Carey.

Here's my favorite performance by the boys and I'm not saying it's my fave only because George sings a bit.

When George sings his bit, I break to bits. George for Prime Minister of the UK 2013. 

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