Friday, December 21, 2012


You know, I've never really been a fan of Demi. She's cute and all but she's no Selena Gomez in my eyes (the true queen of Disney) I thought her cute little job at the XFactor was cute and adorable and that she was an OK judge. "Give Your Heart A Break" aka the longest fucking title ever is a song I can actually tolerate so when I found out that she was gonna perform it at the finale with Flop Harmo-lost-their-ny I was a bit intrigued. 

Demi (unlike Godney) can actually perform well live so it was no surprise that Fifth Harmony's duet was gonna be the best performance of the night. The song started with the girl that looks like Rachel from Glee and then they all sang their bits, then the Rachel 2.0 gets all faux-sentimental while she attempts to present Demi. Demi then starts singing like it's 1945 and we just came from war. 

Demi does some weird hand movements, sings like it's no one's business, and just look fucking flawless as fuck. The best moment is when she sings "we can take it, if you just take my hand" and seriously my body was chilling, it started to tingle and get goosebumps everywhere.

I also love how FlawlesssMi Lovato goes up to the judges table and just belts some serious vocals at Simon, kinda acknowledges Britney and completely ignores LA. I love how Simon has to swallow his pride and gives Demi probably the best compliment of her entire flawless existence.

Flawless bitch be flawless!

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