Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I was just googling around trying to find me a torrent for this movie, minding my own damn business when out of nowhere this song starts playing from a pop-up ad. I hear electro-beats, club synths and just a fun song with a ton of autotune. I'm digging it, ya know, waving my hands, messing my hair up, acting a ratchet ass mess... and then I actually pay attention to the lyrics... child.

The production of the song isn't bad, it's actually catchy. The lyrics though and the girl's accent, come on! "we wanna party party, we (word) boom boom"... I've never heard this before, so inventive!!!!!!!!! Give her 10 Grammy's now! And the whole Latina name drops "pequeñita", where's my 4 foot girls at, like... dafukkk!?

One of my problems with this song also is that she looks Arabic / Indian... not Latina so when she goes around with her fake ass Mexican accent it's like... are you having an identity crisis? This song has everything to make it a horrible, unbearable and a funny song but for some catchy reason you end up liking it. It's like a better version of "Friday" with just as much auto-tune.

They remind me of the Pussycat Dolls, ya know, the little Lupe chick sings more of the songs.

Oooooooh play my song, DJ turn it up, let's shut it down...

I kinda don't want you to listen to the song but... someone has to suffer with me so... yeah. BTW who are these hoes to say they are the party, bitch, you must not have seen me shaking my booty in the club last week.


Anonymous said...

Actually she looks preety mexican to me a lot of people from south mexico look like that and her accent iv heard it a million times before but i hate this song! Its anoying ohh and i always though idian/arabic people looked mexican hah:p

Anonymous said...

Lupe Fuentes....she's a porn star, that's why this is amusing.

Anonymous said...

I also was hit by a pop-up Ad containing this video. Like everyone else, I puked at this garbage video with shit singing.

Anonymous said...

I would tell Lupe Fuentes not to quit her day-job, but I'm guessing it's more of an evening affair.