Friday, December 21, 2012


Someone over at SM Entertainment had an amazing idea four years ago. The idea was to have SNSD record a video for a song they'd release four years later. The song was a cover of Duffy's "Mercy" but only reworked so much it should be considered an original song. "Dancing Queen" not only is their best song to date, but, it's also their catchiest.

The music video serves as a look back at SNSD / Girls Generation from their start. The theme of the video is time travel; as it shows the girls from current time, past and also gives us a glimpse of their official comeback single "I Got A Boy" that will be released in 2013. 

The girls all look fucking perfect. There is absolutely no flaws in this music video at all. The harmonies are there, the song is there, the new beat is there, the everything. This song is missing absolutely nothing. 

The bit in the bridge when one of them says "I wanna be a dancing queen." It's so fucking fierce is unbelievable. I'm usually more of a T-Ara fan but seriously, if they released these type of flawless songs all the time I would definitely consider being a stan for them.

I think I forgot to mention why this is a big deal for is; it's because I hate Duffy's version, she sounds like someone stuck a pipe down her throat. These girls made it so fresh, fun and cute. 

You got me begging you for merrrrcy

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