Wednesday, January 2, 2013


This is my open letter to CCM, home of T-Ara.

CCM used to get everything right, the right songs, the right about of lines given to each girl, who to put on the spotlight, etc. But ever since they decided to switch leaders and give Soyeon the thrown, shit has gone downhill. You see Soyeon isn't as vocally talented as Hyomin or Eunjung and she's nowhere near as bitchy as Jiyeon and let's not compare her looks to the real Queen of Beauty, Queen Qri.

There has been people in the hospitals, people getting "allegedly" bullied, Hwayoung left the group and their last two songs didn't do as well as they had hoped. Back in 2011, T-ara was going so strong it was unbelievable. "Roly Poly" was selling more than Kimchi; T-Ara was everywhere and look at them now, their popularity has taken a dump and run, their so called comeback for July was postponed to August, which postponed their scheduled comeback for October, which postponed the debut of their newest victim / jailbait / member Danii. 

And I don't even get it to be honest. Soyeon is not the most famous in the group, she can't fucking sing live, she sounds like someone is choking her. Their latest performance was a rehash of "Sexy Love" for the 2012 KBS Festival and she sounded like death. They keep making excuses about her vocals. For "Day by Day" it was her infection or something, for "Sexy Love" it was exhaustion, like, how many excuses can you make? 

The weirdest thing of all is that they were supposed to start changing leaders every comeback. So, technically they should be on their third switch by now but somehow she manages to stay the leader. I don't wanna say too many salty things because CCM is known for suing everyone and their mother, but, whoever she's doing favors for at CCM most really love what she does because, let's be honest, Qri could do a better job.

Qri has been getting better and better with each comeback, she's more vivid, she's more bubbly, she's getting more and more fans by the nano-second and she sounds much better. Maybe it's because she gets one or two spoken lines in the song but she sounds like a true Queen!

Hyomin and Eunjung really did set the bar really high as they are the ones who lead T-Ara to stardom. Give Qri the thrown or give it to anyone else, anyone but Soyeon, please.

WTF is this fuckery!?

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