Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Katy Tiz, better known as the demo singer for Girls' Generation killer comeback single "I Got A Boy" *originally titled "Shiner on You", has unveiled her debut single "Famous" where she talks about boys wanting to eat her cooch.

In this catchy piece of pop, Tiz talks about how guys start asking random questions and by doing so, they kill the connection and she's like half singing, half talking, not really rapping so don't call that, you'll look like an ignorant bitch in the hood conventions. 

"Famous" is everyting you can expect from a pop song, simple lyrics, stuttering, lyrics about being fabulous and famous and of course, Vegas. "Only wanna fuck me cuz I'm famous" - truer words have never been spoken.

Not only does she speak of her troubles as a fierce cunt-owner, she also talks about how them boys love to take pics and post them on Twitter and then compares herself to Just Bieber, kinda, mainly just because it rhymes.

The song reminds me of something but I can't pinpoint it, it's a mixture of things, the sing-rap is an obvious rip-off of a kids riddle but I can't remember the damn fucking name. Anyway, what the song is lacking in originality, it's surpassing in fierceness. 

I'm not even famous....yet!


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