Sunday, January 6, 2013


This is the first time I listen to GLAM, I had intentionally been neglecting them because of their name, who the fuck names themselves "GLAM"? But I was bored earlier and started to snoop around and found their comeback performance for Inkigayo and I am hooked.

The foursome has a lot of energy and charisma. The leader *girl on the left with pink sweater* gives us some real fierceness while the girl on the far right gives us some real magic. Homegirls are fucking amazing. They get real cute and real crunk, real quick.

This song you'll either love or hate, that's what I've seen online. There's some people that really love the beats and others who think GLAM is wasting their potential on a shitty song. Well, you know what I say? This song is fucking amazing, it's catchy, it's well produced and the vocal arrangement is fucking great. The only thing I would change is that I'd give my fave *girl on the right* more lines but we all know how KPop works. 

The music video is fucking hilarious. The whole theme is that they are on a television, on any channel so the background chances from fun to "horror" In a very themed KPop, these girls have seriously done some justice.

Their comeback stage for Inkigayo was short of amazing. The girls looked happy, bubbly and so ready to tear some weaves. What I love about this performance is that they all seem to be having fun, even when they're not even singing lines, they look so happy and dance their routine so effortlessly. Can your fave?

The girl on the right for president tbh.

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