Thursday, January 17, 2013


The real vocalist of 4Minute decided to step out of Hyun Ah's shadow. Initially you begin to wonder what direction they'll take. They can't be too sexy because that's Hyun Ah's thing, they can't be too electro because that's Hyun Ah's thing and they can't be too gangster cuz that's Hyuna Ah's thing so all there's left is country music.

Don't write them off just yet though because this Country-KPop fest is one to listen to and stan for.

"24/7" is a cute song about (google the translation bitches) talks about 24/7 and the girls sound really cute. The lyrics are very repetitive and cute, just like I like them. What really sells it to me though, it's the video. The video is everything. The video has a cowboy theme (very fitting) and cuteness is just served like it's a buffet and you just came back from the Sahara desert. 

"To the left, to the right, to the left, to the left, to the right" More amazing lyrics have never been written. The girls dance to the left and to the right as they sing their soon-to-be-iconic lyrics. Yoon1 (brunette) is in charge of the verses and the Yoon2 is more in charge of the chorus but don't be afraid, they sing the same amount of solo lines.

"Boom clap, boom boom boom clap!"

Seeing them dance to country music with their fierce Korean twist is heaven. The girls are really enjoying the beat and you can tell! It's really hard to choose a fave because they're both so amazing in this music video / song but Yoon2 has my vote for Chief of the World so far.

The fierce bitches already had their debut stage performance over at M Countdown and let me tell you, amazing. They performed a short version of "Why Not" which I like but not as much because, the more and more I write this blog post, the more I like Yoon2. Yoon1 is clearly the focus of this sub-unit, which is really unfortunate. Yoon2 is really amazing and yeah I get that Yoon1 probably has better vocals but Hyun Ah is more famous than them combined and multiplied by 1039553392, so we know that's not a requirement in KPop. Yoon2 for me is the cutest one of them both and the one with the most charm. Yoon1 looks like she's hungry.

Maybe it's because I already decided to name Yoon2 the Chief of the World but Yoon1 is not doing it for me during the "24/7" performance. I don't know what it is but it's just not doing it for me. Maybe it's the fact she can't keep up with the backing track or that she's running out of breath or the fact she sounds like she doesn't know the lyrics all the way through, or maybe I just love Yoon2 too much.

24/7 Stanning for Yoon2 to be quite honest and I don't even know her actual stage name. But who gives a fuck?!

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