Thursday, January 10, 2013


The world has been wondering who would be the Rebs Black of 2013, well, I think I found her. Ziona is an epic singer from *the USA, I think, she looks ethnic though so* Well Fiona is a bad ass bitch. She uses autotune like it's her bitch and she gives no fuck. She also likes to lick guy's faces at laundry places and no fucks were given by the new Queen of Pop, Ziona. 

"Invited" is a fun tale about a girl that wants to get in a guy's pants, literally, and he's invited...(in her), and she wants him to eff up that pussy and bust it real good. The autotune usage is just as sexy as the raunchy lyrics. It's like 4055694302 layers of background singers and layers of autotune. It's like a BLT  sandwich of auto tune and backup singers. But you know what? It is flawless. The beat is flawless, the song is flawless, the bitch is flawless, flaws weren't found, call back later. 

This video is just too fucking flawless.

*I got a pretty little paper with your name engraved.
You're invited oh, you're invited, invited, invited oh!"

The whole bit about Miami and Tampa Bay being ready... oh I died.

*real beauty*

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