Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Ever since I found out that CCM was adding two new bitches to T-Ara and then debuting a 9 member group *when they could just debut a 9 member group and leave T-Ara the fuck alone* I was quick to write off GangKidz *original name* but somehow today while I was looking at some random post I came across this epicness.

"Mama" sounds exactly like something T-Ara would release and maybe that's a little bit of the reason why I love it so much right now. "Mama" is not only catchy, it's also addictive and exciting.

Take the instrumental for a second, the whistle, is perfection. Just enough usage and with enough space in between to make a super killer hook, the chorus is catchy as  a motherfucker and the choreography is easy enough that anyone can get up and dance along. 

It's everything you want in a T-Ara song with new voices. 

I was very disappointed when Gangkiz didn't know how to sing live but I was surprised to find this live version and notice that my fave *the one that can't sing along to a backing track* somehow found talent and can somewhat sing along now. I also found that the girls are much more relaxed and that the "leader" gets minimal lines and thank God, I can't stand her voice.

"Mama" is everything and it's totally going on my "24/7" playlist.

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