Monday, January 14, 2013


Justin Timberlake has taken his sweet ass motherfucking time with this comeback. It has been 4564 decades since he released "Sexy Back" and my body is ready for some new magic. "Suit & Tie" may not be "SB2.0" but it definitely proves that he gives no fucks.

You see, he asked Timbaland to produce it so you automatically know his fuck-book return is past due. The song is very typical Timbaland, drum, drum, boom.

Now, I'm probably one of the few that are enjoying this song. Maybe because I've been at work all week and need to chill the fuck out, but, "S&T" is really doing it for it. It's completely different than what's on the radio and Timbaland somehow manages to add an instrumental that gives the song an entire new feeling. Yeah, it might be the same beat he's been releasing since 1929, your fave will still never.

The intro for the song is really long and really creepy and really useless though. I'm not here to hear Timbaland's nasty ass, deep ass, creepy ass voice. But once you get past the 45 longest seconds of your life, the masterpiece starts to begin and it's so good! I've missed Justin singing in my ear, he sounds so sweet and so lovely in this. If only he wasn't married, he could be with Britney now and make delicious magic.

*To be quite fucking honest, I'm not here for Jay Z so... listen to the song cuz I skip his part*

Now show them who you call daddy and Buy "Suit & Tie" on iTunes bitches. Give him that #1!!!

Can't fucking wait for this epic music video!

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