Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Ke$ha has been talking about her love for thrift shops since 2010 but no one pays attention unless there's some sick beat under it. And it's 2013 and here we have Macklemore's "Thrift Shop" song that is about to dethrone Bruno Mars' "Locked Out of..."*

"Thrift Shop" is supposed to be a rap song but for the most part I don't believe it. Macklemore is not trying to be hardcore, well he tries but doesn't try hard enough. The song is catchy as fuck though and it is a great social commentary, especially when he sings about people who buy Gucci shirts for $50 (sweetie, go out, Gucci shirts are at least $195)

The music video is pretty hilarious too. He's wearing some tacky fur coats (hi, Peta) a super fab onesey and some super white-nearly-blinding kicks. In less words, the video is everything you want and more. It already has 54 million views on YouTube. It's going to be the next "Gangnam Style" because you can clearly see that's what they're trying to top.

The song is sitting at a cute #2 right now in the Hot 100, it's #1 in the Rap 100, and it's like everywhere. It's sold over 1M copies in the US, over 350K in Australia, so homeboy is making bank! Can't wait for the radio to over play it!

*To be honest, I don't know how Bruno's song is #1, that song is pure shit, it's boring, it's tasteless and it's just stupid, but it's been #1 for 6 weeks, gotta love Amerrca*

The best part about this video is probably this wonderful woman, I want to have her kids. She's fierce, she's a pimp, she gives no fucks and she crushes ya favez.


Anonymous said...

this song came out way before gangam style blew up, i wouldn't say this is an imitation.

KitKat said...

Yo, Macklemore has been rapping for a whiiiile. Been big in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest for a while now.