Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Coming all the way from the UK, Luke Potter (not Harry Potter's twin) is an up-and-coming artists targeting the sentimental crowds while making teenage girls jizz like they just saw a real life ken doll. In his press release for his new EP "One Day" he states that he wants to bring real emotions back to pop music and so far I think he's nailing it.

The opening and title track for the EP "One Day" is a bit of a depressing tune, it has a really catchy and repetitive chorus that kinda gets stuck in your head. It's actually not my favorite out of the three tracks because of the heavy guitar usage, I would prefer if instead they had used a piano but that's just me.

"Chance Worth Taking" is another depressing tune about a girl, it's a little more drum-my than "One Day" I actually don't like this song at all if I'm quite honest. I like the instrumental, I do, but the vocal arrangement isn't doing it for me. The delivery in the chorus is what is killing it for me "You don't see what I am saying..." it's a little pitchy. I would encourage him to go and re-do the vocals on this track because the lyrics have potential. I just think one thing has to go, either the vocal arrangement or the instrumental because right now, they are arch enemies.

The music video is really cute and you get to see him belt out his lyrics.

"Breathe In" however is a completely different story. It's definitely the stand-out track of the EP for me. It's a lot edgier than the other two tracks. The chorus is also addictive, if I took anything out of these three tracks, it would be the chorus. "Breathe in, breathe out, slow." It's quite simple, yet, quite catchy. Listen and you'll know what I'm talking about. Ironically, this uses a lot of guitar but the drums, man, it's always the drums for me. Take your bass and shove it in a stove, I'm here for the drums.

I would tell him to use piano more, especially if you're trying to do sentimental songs, or at least an electric piano, a la Sia. I think he has potential, I can tell, I just think he needs to loosen up a little bit, explore his voice more and just have fun, the lyrics are already there. You don't have to be electro to be fun.

Don't think for one second I didn't notice he was cute as fuck ;)

He has a new single coming out in March called "It's Ok To Dream" - corny title, don't let me down boo, I'm actually keeping an eye out for you.

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