Thursday, January 10, 2013


The bitch looks so flawless, it's like you're looking at a wax figure of herself. Seriously, no fucking flaws have been or will ever be found. Taylor Swift looked fucking stunning last night, so stunning that you forget she's just broken up with Harry Styles, but then you look at that cleavage and it screams "LOOK AT DIZ! CUZ YOU CAN'T HAVE NONE O' DIIIIIZZZ"

Taylor's boobs are not playing around. They give no fucks that it's January and it's cold as fuck. They give no fucks about the weather. They also give no damn fucks that they're a little on the A cup because they got some tape on them, they got pulled all the way up and they look like cute little pears. I would make a fruit salad and eat them up, tbh. She looked divine. Divine Swift.

Taylor Swift is also back in the studio, writing and producing some hot gems for us. This comes as no surprise as homegurl makes her millies every time she breaks up with someone. 

I for one, can't wait for the Harry love / break up songs. "You're just one direction, and this ain't no..." i don't know, I feel she's gonna have their name somewhere in the fucking song to declare her war on the British heartthrobs. Like, you don't get it. I am so excited for this, much more excited than when I found out she was writing a break-up song about Douche-Meyer. 

Watch out for "Red (Repackage / The Harry Break-Up)" re-release. Another breakup, another millie.

*I nominate that as the album cover*

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Anonymous said...

Looks Shocking, not the Taylor we know and love