Wednesday, January 23, 2013


*sexy bitch looking sexy*

Jenn D is one bad ass bitch. Her debut single didn't really do it for me but child she came back strong with her follow up, iconic new single "You Keep Giving Me Love". The song is infectious, ridiculously addicting and ridiculously generic.

And that's alright with me to be quite fucking honest.

"You Keep..." is your typical club / party anthem, it's got the synths to make you cum and the autotune to make you forget what real singing sounds like. It's flaw-less. I'm not really bashing her vocals though because they don't use that much autotune here but a joke had to be made. 

"You keep giving me love, keep giving me
You keep giving me love, keep giving me
You, you keep giving me love, keep giving me
You keep giving me love, keep giving me
whoa, oh oh oh"

Flawless chorus has flawless line repeated four flawless times. Aka, flawless bitch coming thru, tell your favez to gtfo.

If that wasn't enough, the video is everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. It's cute, it's fun, it's flirty and it's fucking sexy. I want her as my trophy wife and I'm not even rich. The whole theme for the video is also very out of sync, she wants him to give her some love at Dave & Buster's!? If that wasn't enough for you, she also serves up some serious choreography up in this bitch. She is shaking her hips and her arms like it's 1980 and she just came back from the future with some killer moves.

I'm excited for her debut album because Xenomania is supposed to be working with her and I can't wait to see what they are working on! It's gonna be epic!

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