Monday, January 7, 2013


I think One Direction reads my blog because they decided to give "Kiss You" the green light for their next single. The song is probably their catchiest and most fun to date and I am glad they chose to be as goofy as possible in their music video. After 1,039,495,059,737 previews and teasers, they FINALLY released this epic music video.

This post is solely dedicated to the homosexual* relationship between Mr. Harry and Mr. Zayn, aka, The Hottest Bitches From The UK!

The video starts off with HotZayn riding a motorcycle with the cheapest backdrop known to mankind. It's so cheap that it makes me completely flawless. Harry then out of nowhere comes out and starts hugging my man Zayn and at some point starts playing with his nipple. Just looking at that picture, you know Zayn is a nipple man because he is like "yeah, yeah, squeeze them nipples!" 

Poor Liam, he's like, I'm not getting paid enough to see what Harry is doing back there. That is some serious S&M going on in there and while in a motorcycle? Inventive and salacious! You know one thing I really appreciate is that these lads brushed their tongues. If it's one thing I hate is when people open their mouths wide as fuck and it's all white and crusty, but my boys got some toothbrushes and make their tongues all cute and pink. brownie points.

Harry is an inventive little lad. That position isn't hard to pull off and he is doing it quite lovely if Im' honest with myself. You can tell Zayn is also very pleased and impressed by Harry's acrobatics. What is happening in this video shoot and how much alcohol did they give these kids?

Liam is like "I give up, the fuck is this shit?!?" Oh this video is gonna surpass everything and anything on YouTube.

If that wasn't enough, Mr. Zayn at the very end of the video plants a big one on Harry, leaving the por guy just bashful. Look at Nial, he's like "I'm forever alone!" Louis is probably thinking "shouldn't have agreed to this" and Liam "Make funny faces, ignore the homos to your left" 

In all seriousness though, the video is pretty hilarious and full of fun and cute moments. 

Watch out "Gangnam Style" I think "Kiss You" is gonna take your spot!!!

*There's not really homosexual, they just love nipples and acrobatic positions*

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