Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Willam is best known for being a contestant on RuPaul's Drag Race, she is fabulous, she is bitchy and she is always chewing some gum, so Britney with a penis. She (we don't acknowledge that she's a he, because she's a she, get it right) released her iconic music video for "Trouble" back in November and maybe I was living under a rock and I didn't know but... this is the best thing since "...Baby One More Time"

"Trouble" is a dirty slice of house pop, it's funky, it's got some sick ass beats that'll drive you all the way to an asylum. It's also got a shit ton of sass and surprisingly it doesn't have a lot of sexual innuendo... but if you look hard enough, you can make anything a sexual innuendo.

The intro is sick, it's Willam shouting "Trouble! Trouble! Trouble!" she is warning you that there's trouble in the horizon and you didn't bring your umbrella condom. "'cause I'm trouble! on the floor, trouble! on the floor... baby turn it up and I'll give you more" that's all the chorus really offers and it may seem minimal but once you hear that beat and those autotuned vocals, child, you are gonna be dancing like you just drank four long islands and someone just offered you a lap dance.

"Wanna get with this? Gotta get it right!" 

The music video sees Willam being a fierce as fuck motherfucking bitch showing some real sexy ass poses and moves. She can do no wrong even with her five o'clock shadow making more cameos than departures, she still manages to look better and sexier than your fave. It's kinda sad that a drag queen has released a better song than most of the female pop stars in the last couple of years. 

Buy Willam's album on his official site here or on iTunes here!

I hope this song / video goes viral!

*I was super tardy, but at least I got here*

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