Monday, July 16, 2012


Everyone always forgets to mention TVXQ's Japanese promotions for some utterly stupid reason. I seriously don't get it. Their Japanese singles are usually a lot better than their Korean ones, a lot more innovative and the choreography is usually outstanding, but so is everything they do. Don't get me wrong, their Korean stuff is flawless...but their Japanese single "Android" takes it up a notch!

I don't usually like the word Android, cuz I'm an iPhone user so I judge everything that has that word in it so I initially dismissed the single like everyone else, but I saw this performance and I was blown away! You can see Changmin (aka Max) is taking the lead during these promotions, serving up some killer hot tamales with his looks and vocals while Yunho (sp?) takes the dancing role in this one. I love that my favez are usually the underdogs in SK but as soon as they get to Japan, they're the most famous ones. Happened with Dara (2NE1) happened with Qri (T-Ara) and it seems it's happening with Changmin as well because the crowd is going bananas over his Korean tacos. 

The song is pretty epic itself, with a major current dubstep breakdown, but a serious dubstep break down and that's when the boys show their serious dancing skills. There's a point when they're bending to the left, kinda like falling to their left side and it looks so fucking cool! 

Can we also talk about the wardrobe? Sexy, sexy sexy! A+! Those pants are just the right amount of tight and that make up is just the right amount. They look flawless!

Anyway, "Android" seems to be doing well in Japan but if you're from Japan and you haven't purchased the single yet, DO IT OR SM TOWN WILL FIND YOU! 

*Me, when I watch this performance*

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