Monday, July 16, 2012


It's not very often that I actually like up-and-coming artists. They tend to be really cheesy and cheap and weird looking. But BAKER (all caps), Mr. B is baking me some hot slice with some amazing tunes and some fucking catchy "oooohs" I am sold! 

Some info for you stalkers, Mr. BAKER, is not a Baker, he's a flawless male from the lower east side, that's in NYC for you non-geographic genius. He's achieved more than 1M views on la Youtube, he also plays the cello you know that really unsexy instrument? Why he plays that I don't know, but I'm sure he makes it look sexy as fuck... oh  and he is currently making girls wish their had a cut-out poster of him to do naughty things with.

"Not Gonna Wait" is very top 40 without being top 40. It's has a very addicting instrumental, especially the chorus, and some fucking catchy lyrics. "Baby, I know you like it this way, if you want me then don't hesitate, because I, I'm not gonna wait for you, wait for you tonight!" Who comes up with this magical lyrics?

Also, let's talk about him, the person for just a bit. He's hot, and I mean, HOT. He's face is flawless and I think he has a nice body. Ok, sexual moment outta the way. I really like his music, it's very catchy, he's very charming and it's nice to see a guy actually making good music (looking at you Taio Cruz)

If you're not on Team BAKER yet, well listen to this brilliant cover / rework / instrumental rearrangement for Britney Spears' iconic "Hold It Against Me" and tell me you don't want him... Also, preview the rest of the tracks for his EP "ECHO" 

- I will be having an interview with him later on, if you have any questions for him, email them to me and I'll select a few... no naughty questions please! Leave those to me ;) 

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Maria Philamer Medina said...

This Baker Music makes me fall inlove, his smile makes me smile! I so love him and his music. yay!