Thursday, July 19, 2012


Sandara Park also known as the Queen of 2NE1, also known as just Dara, and her fellow servants (CL, Bom and Minzy) made their official comeback for the variety show "M! Countdown". They were originally supposed to comeback last week but Minzy's grandma decided to die, forcing 2NE1 to delay their return and ruining all of our lives. 

Thank God this comeback hasn't been as messy as last one though, God, last one was horrible. It's kinda sad how someone always dies (last time it was that motorcyclist Daesung from BIGBANG "allegedly" ran over) but thankfully this has been a success. The girls new single "I Love You" has topped the #1 spot in South Korea, dethroning SISTAR's latest flop effort and leaving the newly 8 membered T-Ara for the #2 spot. 

In this particular performance, Dara reinvents everything you could possibly think you knew. She reinvents fashion, with her flawless new and never done before* shaved side and her chopstick hairstyle. God, can she do anything wrong? Well, it seems not because her vocals for this performance (and the previous Inkigayo) have been flawless, flaw-free, impeccable, untouchable, unmatchable, better than Adele herself. Dara is serving up some flawless vocal skills with her half-sung, half spoken verses showing CL and Minzy who's the real rapper up in this bitch while looking younger, cuter and a hell of a lot more charming than all the other three members combined!

I also particularly love this performance because of the back-wall. It changes a lot of times which is great because it shows they actually put effort into it. Also, I love that flop moment in the performance when Minzy and CL do the whole faux lesbo, let's sing together and hug each other and look at the camera like we're faux lesbos, it's such a flop moment it almost makes me love them. 

Anyway, watch the performance and tell me how much you love Dara, if not, GTFO!

*Sarcasm is intended

- On  a side note, I made an edit of this song with Dara singing more lines... it's epic... but I might never post it because I'm greedy as fuck and I don't wanna share... but I wanna tease y'all, kthanksbye.

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