Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I'm not gonna lie and pretend I knew who he was before he came out as gay / bi / fell in love with a man when he was young situation but it's not because he's not talented, I just don't listen to R&B at all, y'all know the music I post about, you know who my favez are. Even if I tried to lie and yap about how great of a singer I've thought he is since 1576 y'all would not believe it. But anyway, so he came out and now he's all over the news so I went "Hmmm, ok, now can you actually sing?" and well... he does.

There's a little bit of a ton of auto tune during his choruses, and the lyrics are a bit generic but he can sing and he has a nice voice. His music isn't "WOW OMG BLACK ADELE OVER HERE" so I guess the coming out would be his "it" factor.

I'm glad he decided to come out / publicity stunt / whatever you wanna call it. It's great to see someone have a good persona and be publicly gay. R&B really needs it to be honest, because with all these men talking about gays so badly, it's good to see someone having the guts to go against it. 

After coming out, his sexuality has taken the front stage and his music has been in the back crying like a forgotten soul and it's sad, in that sense. It's sad that people will talk about his sexuality instead of the fact his album is really good and that it's outselling your favez. But that's the music / entertainment bizz and you ought to play along. 

Now go to iTunes and download "channel ORANGE" 

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