Sunday, July 8, 2012


You can always count on the foursome known as the force to reckoned with, to bring it all in with their live performances. The fact we don't get as many performances like every other idol group totally makes up with the quality. Last night, Dara and her passy took the Inkigayo stage and slayed everything... and did it completely live!

CL was in charge (as the official leader) to kick things off with her rap-intro and the girl was giving me all sorts of fierce with her pirate-lookalike parrot. She was strutting her cha-chas to the left, and to the right and all over the damn stage! It was glorious! And to be fair, it was a pretty nice rap to!

Now with "I Love You", it seems they chose a not-so-difficult choreography in order to have the girls not run out of breath, and it paid off because we can actually hear the girls sing, yes, even Dara, and let me tell you, girl can sing (or talk). Dara was looking all sorts of fuckable in that side-shaved head of hers. Also, she gets a good amount of lines in this one, and she gets to sing the "I love you, I love youuuuu" part and you know I'm already on Audacity editing the shit out of Bom's bit so I can hear Dara sing that twice.

Bom, sounded great, she wasn't shouty and annoying as she can sound sometimes. She stuck to nice vocals and wasn't nervous. A lot of the times homegirl gets a little worked up, and her voice sounds shaky, but this time, she was on it!

Minzy on the other hand, was a bad girl, a very bad girl! She was being a slut all over the dance floor, popping her butt like there was no tomorrow, swinging all over the place, girl, get a room (i love it!) She was fierce! And her live vocals are so good too!

All the girls sounded great, looked great and Dara is proving she can talk along to a backing track, so all is right with this miserable world!

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