Monday, July 23, 2012


Today while I was at work, I kept singing the hook for this song, I was so mad because it would not get out of my head. You see, I've loved the song since it premiered but for some reason I was never really captivated by it but that is no longer the case. The group took the TCA stage just hours ago to kick off the promotions for "Settle Down" and let me tell you, it changed everything I thought about Gwen's voice.

I'm from the Gwen the solo pop singer generation, mainly because I didn't start listening to English music until 2004 when I learned it and apparently No Doubt had been long-gone by then, so Gwen was being a flashy and fashy (fashion forward, yeah I use weird words so they rhyme) Well Gwen can't sing Pop music, her voice always cracked and it sounded obnoxious. Don't get me wrong "The Great Escape" got a good amount of replay rape but when it came to her live performances it was always very weak and I never got into her asian minions.

So I was already thinking it was gonna be like that, and I was like "Ugh this is gonna make me hate the song"...but I was wrong. Gwen should stop being a solo singer because the music she makes with No Doubt suits her voice so magically. It's a bit unfair for herself to be honest but seriously her voice during this performance was 98.87% flawless. There were a few cracks but for the main part it was flawless, spotless, you know the drill.

The performance was also very fun. The guys were playing their instruments looking all sorts of cute and then boom boom the guy starts playing the drum and Gwen is swinging back and forth looking like a fierce goddess. What's also funny is that probably none of the kids that went to TCA knew who No Doubt was, but the performance was so fun that everyone was clapping and being a total stan.

I'm gonna go download all of their albums now, kthanksbye.

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