Wednesday, July 4, 2012


My cunt is having the best day of its' life! First I get Suju, then I get T-Ara and then 2NE1 somehow managed to slay me to shits with "I Love You" I'm not gonna lie, I was worried because the teasers were sounding dull and boring but, OMG 2NE1 IS BACK AND MY WEAVE IS READY TO BE SNATCHED!!

Dara SOUNDS GREAT!!!! AND SHE LOOKS GREAT IN THE TEASERS, I WANT HER IN MY FACE NOW! The song, you might think it's typical but it has it's great moments, CL truly shines in this song without sounding annoying and overexposed, Bom, idk, whatever, and Minzy, I want Minzy to declare me a Blackjack now!

The intro, it's fucking flawless, CL, sounds fucking brilliant, the ooooh is fucking killing me! I love it and then when Dara comes into place taking full reign of her KPOP crown... I want it! I want the video, I want the performances, I want them all over my mouth! 

Dara is my favorite member, she's flawless, epic, and spotless, her vocals are sharped, auto tuned to the max, and just how I want them. I fucking love Dara, like y'all have no idea. I love her just as much as I love Queen Qri. If i had to be in a USSR of KPop, they would definitely be my Queens telling me what to do errday and errnightttt!!!! 

This is definitely an interesting week in KPop, three of the highest charting groups are back full force with flawless tunes... let's see who reigns! (hint, it'll be T-Ara)

The way CL sings "bring it back" >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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