Tuesday, July 31, 2012


The drama known as T-Ara's biggest mistake continues with allegations, insiders and everyone from South Korea to Japan commenting on this horrible, horrible mistreatment and accusations. Hwayoung (picture above) joined T-Ara in 2010 as the main rapper, she was always given the stupid raps but she had such a dedication that it was inevitable not to love her. She always seemed timid and reserved but always poised and composed.

Two / three days ago hell broke loose! Everyone in T-Ara (except for Queen Qri) started taking stabs at the wounded Hwayoung, accusing her of not being determined enough. You see, Hwayoung was not able to perform with them in their concert because of an ankle injury but that isn't an acceptable excuse according to Hyomin, Jiyeon, Soyeon, Boram and Eunjung. All of them started ganging up on Hwayoung with sub-tweets about determination, Hyomin being the first to start the fire. 

After that, fans began to investigate and found that Hwayoung has been bullied by those members, even publicly in the past. There's a picture of Eunjung stuffing a huge rice cake into Hwayoung's mouth and a picture of Hyomin flickering her finger into Hwayoung's left eye.

The the CEO said he had an announcement regarding T-Ara. The announcement was that Hwayoung was to leave T-Ara immediately due to "bad attitude" towards staff members. He accuses Hwayoung of throwing tantrums during concerts and threatening to yell at the stage managers, especially during the last performance when she allegedly had agreed to perform sitting down but decided not to at the last minute forcing Eunjung and Hyomin to learn her rap.

Well that has been confirmed to be false by a staff member that works for the variety show. He / she insists that Hwayoung was crying in the hallway for quite some time, that they wouldn't let her into the waiting area where the rest of the group was and that was forced to sit through the performance. 

Allegation by CEO proven a lie.

Then he went on to say that his staff was complaining about her attitude, well a Japanese translator that was with them during their Japanese promotions came forward and defended Hwayoung saying that she was the most polite of them all, and that yes, she was timid and wasn't hanging out with the rest of the group but that she was not in any way, or form, a person with bad attitude. In fact she says Hwayoung was the one that tried the hardest to make a good impression.

CEO caught lying once more.

And then, a back up dancer posted a blog talking about an occasion when Hwayoung was not learning the choreography quick enough and that Jiyeon yelled at her, telling her she should be glad she was allowed to be part of T-Ara, and proceeded to slap her in the face...

Hwayoung is the victim here, she should not be the one getting fired from the group, if anything Jiyeon, Hyomin and Eunjung should be. Especially Hyomin, as fans have gathered information of her past. Homegirl used to be on this website that hazed other girls, got them drunk, made them strip and have sex with older men for two packs of cigarettes. 

Fans and variety producers are all standing behind Hwayoung in this horrible time. There have been two variety producers that have said they will not be hiring T-Ara for their shows anymore. Anti-fans and netizens (Korean citizens) are creating internet cafes protesting to television networks so that Eunjung and Soyeon are dropped from their upcoming drama roles. They also want T-Ara to disband all together.

South Korea is a black and white country and image is everything. T-Ara have been lucky to be forgiven in the past (Jiyeon's bad attitude in variety shows, nip slips, etc) but this is beyond anything. These cafes, in the last 48 hours have gotten over 200,000 users and they are not gonna let this slide easily. 

I am really disappointed in everything that is going on. I used to be one of T-Ara's biggest fans, and I mean biggest fan. I loved them as a group but everything that is coming out just makes me sick. I can't even listen to their songs because it just makes me so upset that Hwayoung has been mistreated for this long. The fact the CEO will stand behind the ones HURTING the other member is appalling and disgusting. 

I want Qri and Hwayoung to form a duo group ASAP, they can even bring Ahreum to the mix. 

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