Tuesday, November 27, 2012


How would I describe "Humanoids".... hmmm... well it's like the non-breasted sister of "Catch Me" that didn't get big enough boobs during puberty so she has to suck a lot of dicks and have faux lesbian seshs with her friends to make up for it. In all seriousness, I do like the song it's just not up there with "Catch Me" and "Keep Your..." 

"Humanoids" starts off promising in both the video and the song with Changmin (aka Max, aka the man of my dreams and the daddy of my imaginary twins). The intro is really impressive; the way Changmin whispers for like half a minute is boner inducing but then Yunho's verse is so dull, like so so so so dull I almost fell asleep, it's not until Changmin starts to sing-talk that it becomes interesting again, but, then they lose me during the first part of the chorus. 

The way I'd also describe the song is a rollercoaster that goes really high, really fast but then it comes down and the adrenaline just disappears.  The whole "cuz we are humaaaaanoids" bit is really boring, the chorus only gets good when they start singing the rest of the chorus that I can't spell because I don't know Korean so you're just gonna have to listen to the chorus and hope you understand what the fuck I'm trying to talk about. 

The video is a bit of a letdown as well. I mean it's cool they have the tools flying around and they're doing their best impression of "Catch Me" during the choreo parts but it's just not working for me. They need another blockbuster video like "Before You Go"

If I were a teacher and this was a student's project I'd give it 6/10 to be completely honest with you. Changmin's bits get 5/6 points I just gave it btw.

Don't think for ONE second I'm not adding this to my jams playlist. I'm going to replay the shit out of this song because there shall be no TVXQ (duo) song that I dislike so I'm gonna force myself to like it, I'm gonna force myself to love the shit out of this bitch even if it's a boring half-mess.

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