Friday, November 16, 2012


Let me start off by saying I know nothing about Nathew, whether or not he's famous in Thailand or if he's released anything worth listening to in Thai. Now with the awkward moment out of the way, "She's Bad" is a nice, thick, juice slice of Korean Pop goodness. It's addicting, it's got a generic beat our brain is familiar with, it's got a shit ton of auto-tune, pretty much, it's every male pop singer's dream song. 

Nathew, aka, The Thai Cutie, made his debut (insert date here) but I can't find his actual debut stage so you're gonna have to deal with this one. 

This performance is solid, like seriously solid, it's like that solid cement on the ground just being solid and cute. The performance all jokes aside is pretty good. There's the obvious loud back-up track but when he sings, he sings. I also want to say that it's impressive, his Korean sounds really good and trust me, Korean is HARD AS FUCK to learn, those bp sounds, ugh. 

My only problem with the performance was that creepy guy with the sunglasses being a creepster, like who are you and why are you taking up the ENTIRE fucking stage and you're just standing there, like dafukk? Move, shake, fall on the ground, DO SOMETHING. 

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