Friday, November 16, 2012


After three cruel and devastating years of no Girls Aloud singles, albums, tours or performances; the amazing five-some are back at it with their first televised performance for their brand new Children In Need / comeback single "Something New" And if that wasn't enough, Nicola and the rest of Girls Aloud also showed the UK and the internet why they all won "Popstar Rivals" back in 2002 with their spankingly cheesy ballad "Beautiful 'Cause You Love Me"

It's so nice to see the girls back at it pretending they all stand Nadine and that everything is dandy and cute. I love it, it's pop at its' finest and I am jizzing like I haven't jacked off in days! Nicola being the most beautiful and pale of them all really shined in these performances, sounding just like the CD version for both performances. She was so cute, I would wear her.

Kimberly; who's also busy hustling those "Strictly Come Dancing" votes looked as divine as ever. Her make up was cute, her clothes were cute, her hair was cute, her body was... super cute. Sarah, Nadine and Cheryl looked alright. Sarah, darling, please for the love of everything that is good in the world, STOP the surgeries, you've always been a beautiful girl now it looks like your lips start at your ears, not cute.

What I really liked about both performances is that Nadine didn't over-shadow any of the other members as she used to before their hiatus. I think the fact that her album flopped harder than a fish out of water really showed Xenomania that she is not the "face" of GA.

"Something New"

"Beautiful 'Cause..." + Interview

Buy "Something New" November 18th bitches, give my girls their 5th #1 and their 21st Top 10!!

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