Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I've always liked Dal*Shabet, they're cute, bubbly and super talented. Ok, maybe "talented" is a stretch but they have really grown to be great entertainers and the back-up vocal isn't that loud anymore. "Have, Don't Have" is a fantastic disco gem with a modern twist that's just addicting; but, what I'm here for is really the "Electro Swing Remix" because it is seriously the best thing to happen to earth since water.

The music video is obviously cute as a button. The song is funky and the whole UFO faux thing is really adorable. I also love how it starts for like 30 million years and then it's like "oh it's just an intro, psych here's the actual song. The theme of the video is silly as fuck. They're aliens or something that love the 80s and dance around to it and then electrify people and they start dancing #ORIGINAL! 

I love this group, they have all the twins and by that I mean. There's the Hyun A look-a-like, the F(X) member with the crazy hats look-a-like. We also have the Nine Muses look-a-like, and a couple of them look like they'd be perfect for T-Ara. 

The dance, oh my goodness, the dance move is fucking amazing. I wanna learn it and just do that for the rest of my life and say "ooh ah ooh ah ooooooooh" for the rest of my life after every sentence ooh ah ooh ah ooooooh!

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