Thursday, November 8, 2012


After outselling everyone in Japan in KPop history and being the most read blog post in my blog, BOYFRIEND is back with their first full length album titled "Janus". The comeback album and single of the same name premiered today and it is so good, like soooooo good it makes you wonder why other groups suck. 

"Jansu" sees the lovely fivesome take a different route, leaving behind their cute, boy next door theme, "Janus" sees our favez in extravagant and expensive outfits, looking manly and sexy. The video sees them all fighting for this slut that's dating all of them at once (what a lucky slut), the twins are also fighting for her (sexy incest). 

The choreo is really sharp, kinda reminds me of SHINee's "Sherlock" but it stands as its own flawlessness. I love how much they have grown and you can definitely tell that being more famous in Japan has given them the confidence they needed to really nail it. 

The twins are so grown-up now!! Watching their debut single / mv is so cute cuz they were to wittle!!!! 
Can't wait to see them perform this live!

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