Thursday, November 8, 2012


Queen$ha has been spending some time down under promoting her new single / anthem "Die Young". Ke$ha not only made some serious improvements vocally over the last year, she's also learned how to dance and play the drums, what can't she do? 

Ke$hus Chri$$$t, or the anti-Chri$$$t by the looks of these Illuminati infused performances, has never sounded so good live (I went to see her live last year). Her charisma and personality are finally coming out to play.  I love that she took some time to tour, write and learn her craft. She's come back a little too Illuminati for my liking but she's a Pisces, I'm a Pisces and we stick together like oil and water, so bitches grab a number and wait. 

"Die Young" is doing rather well in Australia apparently, I don't know exact numbers but it's slaying the shit outta ya kangaroos. I love how they introduce Holy$ha with all these "#1s and best selling single of 2010" can your fave?

The XFactor performance was obviously a bigger stage so it required more glitter, but besides that both performances are solid. The breakdown / tribal dance is fucking epic by the way. Just wait til you hear it / see it!



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