Friday, November 23, 2012


Girls Aloud are showing every bitch in the bizz what it really takes to be the number one girl group in the world. Their comeback has been short of amazing. Their comeback single "Something New" was an amazing intro to the beautiful cheesy ballad "Beautiful 'Cause You Love Me" and now along with "Every Now and Then" comes "On The Metro" which is by far the best song out of the four and I'm not saying that just cuz NicGodla Roberts wrote the masterpiece. 

"On The Metro" opens with Nicola singing about one hundred Os and Xs... that must have been a bitch to type down on text, can you imagine just holding on to the Os and the Xs for like a minute and a half? Atrocious. The song then starts to build up while Sarah and Nicola share the pre-chorus lines sounding flawless as usual. 

The chorus is where things really get great. It's catchy, the beat is addicting, the repetitive "on the window, on the window, on the window..." it's just genius, can your fave? I can really tell that they mean business.

The other thing that makes me happier than a Black Friday enthusiast first in line at Best Buy is that Nicola leads the song, as she should, cuz she fucking wrote it. Having Nicola sing lead is always what every song should be like, her chorus are amazing, her lines are amazing, I've yet to hear her say any line that's not flawless.

"Left my heart on the disco
Now I'm crying on the metro
Wrote your name on the window,
On the window, on the window..."

Flaws have yet to surface.

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