Wednesday, March 13, 2013


GLAM have always done it for me. Their debut single "I Like That" is still on my main playlist and "In Front of The Mirror" is about to go accompany it because it is seriously fierce. Whereas "I Like That" was fun and hyper, "In Front..." is sexy and flirty. 

"In Front..." is just what GLAM needed to set themselves apart from the rest of the rookie groups of 2013. Releasing such a riske song so early in their career is not easy and it's going to be interesting to see how the Netizens react to this. Usually with Netizens you either start off artistic or mainstream and you have to wait a while to make the switch because ain't nobody got time for change. 

I am hoping this pays off for GLAM. Their live performances are one of the best of 2013 and maybe it's because I love the rapper, she's so cute!! She's so fucking tiny and so fucking fearless. She raps like she's 7 feet tall. 

"In Front..." has some taunting lyrics that a lot of their female fans will relate to (and their gay fans too). 
"Again today, I secretly wear a mask... In front of the mirror in my room...
My pride is crumbling once again
I’m not pretty"

Just give me a razor naaaao!

The music video for this amazing single is just as great. It showcases so many insecurities that both men and women suffer. They play off weight, boobs, etc. It's a little cliche when you think of it but it plays out nicely and well thought out in the video. 

Of course, it's not a KPop video if it doesn't have some sort of message in it and towards the end the girls release they are all skinny as fuck and super hot and start dancing around like they are extras on that Taylor Swift music video.

I want this song to sweep the charts and show that Lee Hi girl how it's really done.

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