Wednesday, March 6, 2013


 *That has got to be my favorite blog post title ever*

Ke$ha's latest leak is her infectious party anthem "Woo Hoo". Originally meant to be in "Warrior" but later scrapped due to a snippet leaking online. It was then given to Big Time Rush with re-written lyrics. Needless to say God$ha's demo is 10000 times better.

"Woo Hoo" samples "Song #2" by Blur, a very popular song form 1997. It is heavily sampled in "Woo Hoo" but K$ is smart enough to add new instruments and her sassy talk-sing vocals slay that instrumental like it's her bitch.

"Party people (woo hoo)
If you're ready to throw down (woo hoo)
Like we never been allowed (woo hoo)
If you just don't give a fuck (woo hoooooo!)"

Best. Chorus. Of. Your. Miserable. Life.

The song goes from 1997 to faux-dubstep within seconds, creating a fun and ADD adventure that would only be served perfectly by K$. Also, the bridge is everything, as everyone and their momma blame God$ha to be part of the Flopmunati and hearing her sing "Hallelujah" repeatedly proves nothing but that she loves Baby Jesus as much as everyone else.

I currently have this on repeat. I didn't really like "Warrior" as much as I thought I did. This really really makes me want a new K$ EP. Hopefully she stops giving her best songs away. Let's not forget "Til The World Ends" and "Disgusting" I'm all for her getting some extra royalty pennies, but, she should be giving away her bad songs like "Paris Hilton's Closet" not her Top 10 hopefuls, I don't give a shit if a snippet leaked.

"Don't get paid to be a babysitter
But I'll teach a thing or two to your baby sister"

Role model coming through, bitches, step aside.

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