Wednesday, March 13, 2013


La Taylor Swift released the much anticipated and much delayed music video for "22" today and just as Selena Gomez, her video is everything. It's fun, it's sexy and it's true T-Swizzle. 

The first 2 seconds of "22" itself is everything. It's Taylor Swift throwing some swagger at the camera, looking at her fly ass nails and being all "I give no fucks" but with a country accent because she's country... (hahahahaha good one, Darwin!)

So after the swag attack from T-Swizzle happens, she starts being all cute and all "OMG I'm 22, I'm like not 21 anymore, because I'm 22 and 22 is a fun year, y'all!" Not only is she cute, but those heart-shaped sunglasses, I WANT THEM NOW.

The music video sees Taylor getting ready to go out and "party" even though there's no alcohol in sight because she's T-Swiz-No-Alcohol-Allowed-KFankz. I know what you're thinking and no, that red thing in that cup pyramid is not "punch", if anything is Kool-Aid. 

And when she's at the pool, swinging her overly-used vajayjay like it's not still cold in some states, she is giving me everything. When the chorus kicks in and she starts to act a little "rough" and "faux-ghetto", it's so cute when cute white girls pretend to be ghetto. And then she goes to the beach and blah blah, what I'm really here for is the scenes with her and those bunny ear-piece thingy. It's super cute. I would wear it, with the red heart-shaped sunglasses to be quite motherfucking honest.

"22" is destined to be yet another mega-hit because this was made for the Pop folk, just like her entire last album. So expect "22" to be all over the radio in 3.....2.....1.....

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