Monday, March 4, 2013


Can your fave? Can she? Because I don't think she can.

 Queen Qri, aka, the most beautiful member of T-Ara, aka the most famous member of T-Ara in Japan. Her and her minions have released a new single and a new music video and here are the five things I love the most about it.

1. Cute Qri be cute.

 Queen Qri opens the song with the most iconic intro of your miserable life. 
Boy can you hear my voice?
Hey! Don't leave me alone!

When will your fave get such breath-taking lyrics?! The answer is never.

2. Queen Qri, the Indian dancer, the expert.

You can clearly tell that Queen Qri is here to slay when she is the best dancer in the group. Judging by the screen cap *that I took, fankz* Queen Qri is dedicated to her craft unlike her lesser minions who look like they are half assing the whole damn thing. If you notice, Queen Qri is giving you sass, class, a little bit of naughty and nice *I worked really hard on this rhyme, so like it bitches*

3. Queen Qri is a ghetto dancer

Queen Qri gives no fucks about your restrictions, she is like previously stated, very into her craft and her art and she is giving you such ghetto in this, Beyonce who!? Queen Qri is getting down and dirty. Your fave can depart now, fankz.

4. Queen Qri is a really ghetto dancer

This needs two different pointers, Queen Qri is ghetto and ghetto is her middle name, in the ghetto streets.

5. Queen Qri, surprised at the things she's made to do.

She probably was looking at the shit CCM is making her and the rest of T-Ara watch. Why is CCM making them watch Bunny porn?! I don't know either.

6. Queen Qri, the explorer.

Queen Qri proves that she is the most worthy of them all by showcasing those fierce and awesomely placed product after they watch some bunnies do it, the song is called "Bunny Style", idk Bunny porn doesn't turn me on and looking at Queen Qri's face, she doesn't condone animal fetishes either. Can this beauty do anything wrong?!

7. Queen Qri leans on Hyomin for comfort as Eunjung seems to be ok with Bunny porn.

Queen Qri can not believe what is happening, Eunjung is totes ok with spying on bunnies and watching them make out, and Qri and her lesser bitch Hyomin are not having it. They will not partake in this rendezvous. 


I want Boram's facial enhancer guy, homegurl keeps looking younger and younger. 

Bonus 2: Damn, ghetto Kween Qri is ghetto as fuuuuuck.

"Bunny Style" comes out March 20th in Japan along with the 203095030202 different versions and duet and sub-unit versions you can think of.

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