Tuesday, March 12, 2013


CCM has finally gotten right in Japan. They are promoting throughout the country and releasing a whipping 10 versions of their new single "Bunny Style" In an attempt to get the girls their own spotlight, they have decided to make sub-units for the different versions. I of course adora Qriram (for short) and the preview for their single is flawless!

 "Soap Bubbles" is probably the cutest song I've heard in my life. It's so cute and sugary that it gave me diabetes but I don't care! My Queen Qri and Boram sing some serious cuteness in this song. I of course do not speak Japanese so I can't tell you what they're singing but let me just give you what I think.

I think "Soap Bubbles" is a cute song about taking a bath and knowing the Japanese market, it also probably has some masturbation innuendos. Because what's better than masturbation and a cute vocal arrangement? Nothing. Also, let's talk about those vocals, can you say impeccable?

Qri sounds flawless in this preview. I am so glad they are finally giving her some spotlight and I hope her solo single and this single do well! Qri is loved in Japan so I'm not even worried.

I can't wait for Qri's solo preview to be released and for the albums "Bunny Style" to finally come out on March 20th!! T-Ara FIGHTING!

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